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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Blair K
    Best hoodie I own

    I get so many compliments on this hoodie - many people wonder how I've kept it looking good so long (thinking it's from the era). It's super comfortable, too, it's now my every day hoodie because I love it so much.

    Alex Hall
    Incredible design, fantastic quality, amazing customer service.

    I'm always hesitant to order stuff online. Especially clothes. I'm usually rocking a 2xl in most of my nerdy/nostalgic clothes, and I find most retailers online run a little small. Well, I put some weight on through the pandemic so I figured 3xl would be a safe bet. Oh boy! I was delightfully surprised to find that in this hoodie I've got room to grow. The quality is also just great. I'm never worried about the pictures fading, and the colours are all as vibrant as ever after 15 or so washes.

    Would love to have more designs to buy, but I understand why they don't have many if this is the level of quality they put into them.

    Also,customer service has been fantastic! Prompt replies to queries.

    Cassidy Civet
    Quality is there, small design complaint!

    Bought the Uh Oh t-shirt and the YTV hoodie, and have no notes on the former! It is a good shirt, with a vibrant design. My comment lies with the hoodie. Maybe I'm just much more right arm dominant in my life, but this design placement has only bummed me out that no one is seeing it with just the normal day to day orientation everything from my job to my commute has. Same for the little YTV logo on the chest. If the hoodie is open it gets mostly covered pretty much. I'd like something on the back too, if we're going all out coverage lol. Just my thoughts. Love the retro vibes :)